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Day 7: Pinellas Trail & Honeymoon Island

Day 7: Pinellas Trail & Honeymoon Island

Today is a day for exploration and to enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings of the Pinellas Trail and oasis-like Honeymoon Island, both something of national treasures in their own right.

The Pinellas Trail offers 2.5 miles of scenic nature trails with loads of outdoorsy activities combined with top-notch facilities. It is equally popular for its wildlife, as well as for sunbathing, along with some dreamy sunsets. There’s also a pooch-friendly beach here.

You’ll start your day in Dunedin today, where you’ll pick up your bike of choice (we do recommend the e-version, making the whole experience even more enjoyable. Unless you are after a real work-out, that is!)

Pack your bags with some water bottles / beverages of choice to help you cool down, as you might work up a little sweat today.

Breakfast at Clear Sky Draught Haus (10am – 11:30) 

Main St. is JAM PACKED with fantastic breakfast places (pun intended). If there’s a line to be seated at one place, you can just hop next door and be sure you’re in for a treat. Many places open at 11am, however, and we want to get an earlier start today, so Clear Sky Draught Haus from the other day is the best bet. They’ve got a huge breakfast selection!

Go for their scrumptious square meal – which is anything but square (two eggs, two pancakes/French toast, one sausage, one bacon, haus potatoes/grits and toast) – choose between a long list of bennies and Mexican breakfast fare, or opt for some crepe-action.

After your belly is full, stroll over to Kafe Racer, where you will rent bikes for the day. 

Pick up bikes at Kafe Racer (11:30 am)

Kafe Racer have a wide selection of bikes to choose from, depending on your skill level. We like the least effort possible (considering you have a whole week’s worth of drinking in your system), which is why we highly recommend getting an e-bike. Ready to cruise? We have one more stop to make first!

Pit-stop by Scone Age Bakery (11:45am)

Before heading out on the Pinellas Trail, make a quick pit-stop at the Scone Age Bakery for some quality coffee take away and baked goods for the day. All set? Head north on the Pinellas Trail until you get to Curlew Rd/ Causeway Blvd.

Cross Curlew Road at the crosswalk, as you will then take the crosswalk over Bayshore Blvd. You are now on Causeway Blvd. You can choose to ride on the road if you wish, but we recommend sticking to the sidewalk as traffic can be a little crazy.

Continue on Causeway Blvd until you dead end into Honeymoon Island State Park. Once here, you ride up to the “toll-booth” to pay the entrance fee, which is $2 per rider. After paying, you follow Causeway Blvd until you get to the mouth of the Osprey Trail and Pelican Cove Trail. 

Explore & Chill on Honeymoon Island (12:30 – 5pm)

Once on the island, you can decide to rent some chairs and umbrellas and set up camp to relax on the beach. Maybe do some shelling. Or, embark on a relaxing bike ride on the trails keeping a lookout for sea turtles, herons, armadillos, hermit crabs and the occasional thing that slithers. Snack on your baked goods, and work on that tan, as it’s your last day in paradise!

Once you’re done, return your bikes at Kafe Racer and then haul an Uber or Lyft back to your accommodation to freshen up. 

Dinner at Palm Pavilion / Sandpearl Resort (8pm – end) 

You want to get a last good look at those awesome sunset vistas tonight, so we are going to go ahead and recommend Caretta on the Gulf at Sandpearl once more, or the more casual Palm Pavilion. Expect sizzling meats, freshly caught seafood and super fresh salads topped off with a lot of ‘Ooh’-ing and ‘Aah’-ing over sunset. Toast to the end of a successful trip, your toes buried in the sand, and start making mental notes for your next visit already. We’d love to have you back!

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